LED lens are widely used in indoor lighting industry

LED lens are widely used in indoor lighting industry

Explore our wide range of interior lighting lenses, available in any space. You can express your personality and create the lighting effect you desire through the design and choice of lenses.

The advantages of LED indoor lighting are high energy saving: energy saving and no pollution are environmental protection. DC drive, ultra-low power consumption (single tube 0.03-0.06 watts) electro-optical power conversion is close to 99.99%, the same lighting effect saves more than 80% energy than traditional light sources.

The advantages of LED indoor lighting are long life: LED light sources are called longevity lights, which means lights that never go out. The solid cold light source, epoxy resin encapsulation, no loose parts in the lamp body, no shortcomings such as easy burning of filament, thermal deposition, light decay, etc. The service life can reach 60,000 to 100,000 hours, which is 10 times longer than traditional light sources above.

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The advantages of LED indoor lighting are many and varied. The LED light source can use the principle of red, green, and blue three primary colors. 16,777,216 colors, forming a combination of different light colors and changing, to achieve a variety of dynamic changes and various images.

The advantages of LED indoor lighting are environmentally friendly: better environmental protection, no ultraviolet and infrared in the spectrum, no heat, no radiation, low glare, and recyclable waste, no pollution, no mercury, cold light source, can Safe touch, a typical green lighting source.

led lighting lens widely used indoorlighting

Focusing on the quality of light, Xiangshun Optics is committed to becoming a global professional provider of commercial lighting lens systems and is committed to the continuous improvement of the quality of interior lighting design. It has passed the ISO9001 quality management system and is specialized in international brands such as Cree, Preh, Osram, Philips, and so on. The light distribution design has passed many international certifications such as China 3C, EU CE, RoHS, and so on.

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