Advantages of street lamp COB lens

Advantages of street lamp COB lens

With the rapid development of science and technology, the popularity of LED lights has not subsided, and street light lenses that are more suitable for street lights have been launched on the market. It is precisely because this kind of thing is still a new thing that many people know about it. Not much.

So, compared with traditional materials, besides the high technical content, what are the advantages of the street lamp lens that has been praised by everyone?

① Gather divergent light sources

As we all know, no matter what the light source is, the emitted light is divergent, and the divergent light is not helpful for the lighting requirements of street lamps, so the light emitted by street lamps must be gathered to make full use of the lighting function of street lamps. The street light lens made is a better choice.
Advantages of street lamp COB lens
②Easy to adjust the range and angle of light irradiation

Street lamps made of traditional materials can only illuminate a fixed range. If you want to change the range and angle of light irradiation, traditional materials cannot do it, but street lamp lenses can fulfill this requirement very well. Street lamp lenses Different models also affect its irradiation range, and it can even be adjusted through the nuances of the model. Secondly, the small hole on the lens of the street lamp can also change the angle of light irradiation, which is also a kind of improvement compared to street lamps made of traditional materials. Great improvements and breakthroughs.

Advantages of street lamp COB lens
③ Reduce glare

Street lamps made of traditional materials are too bright in the dark, and people will experience glare symptoms due to the visual impairment caused by them when traveling. However, the light of street lamp lenses will be softer due to different materials. Even if people look directly at the street lamps, they will not affect sight. In short, although the street lamp lens is a kind of optical light distribution element with high technical content in the current street lamp light distribution, its advantages are not limited to the point of high technical content, but compared with the traditional ones in all aspects. Material street lights have a breakthrough.

Therefore, street lamp lenses that are more in line with the needs of the public, have high technological content, and are cost-effective will be extremely popular in the future market, and street lamp lenses with the above advantages will have better development.

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