COB high-power lens manufacturers are the guarantee of the overall quality of lamps and lanterns

COB high-power lens manufacturers are the guarantee of the overall quality of lamps and lanterns
The output power of general lighting fixtures will be relatively high, which can cause some glare on the lighting problem, which is harmful to the eyes. The use of COB high-power lenses is completely unnecessary to worry about this problem. The LED lens is illuminated in all directions so that the light received by the eyes is distributed on a large scale. No need to do more anti-glare solutions.

Simple and safe to assemble, COB high-power lens lighting fixtures are simple in structure, a high-power integrated IC can form a cover of lamps, less spot welding, and no need to apply patches, so that a lot of money can be saved during installation. Human resources are more suitable for marketing promotion in the sales market.
COB high-power lens manufacturers are the guarantee of the overall quality of lamps and lanterns
The high-speed development trend of COB high-power lenses also promotes the requirements of electronic devices for supporting facilities. In particular, COB high-power lenses continue to develop and upgrade products. At this stage, optical solutions and structures have achieved great development. The COB high-power lens is mainly used to carry out a secondary optical system for the light source, which is tailored according to the main parameters of the lamp, and the main parameter is the lighting angle.

Lens manufacturers must also take into account the main parameters such as chromaticity, light intensity of light points, uniformity, etc. when designing the scheme. Therefore, the design of high-quality COB high-power lenses is a careful and meticulous process from design to production. Choosing a good COB high-power lens manufacturer is the guarantee of the overall quality of the lamps.

Manufacturing raw materials must be guaranteed. Good COB high-power lenses generally use imported raw materials, and the transmittance of imported raw materials will be better. For example, the transmittance of Japan's Mitsubishi can be above 95%, while the transmittance of domestic raw materials is relatively low, and it is also required to have a certain flame retardant. grade. The overseas electronic optical grade imported raw materials have stronger performance in vulcanized rubber and de-greening, which can ensure high temperature resistance, less smoke and dust in the production process, less black spots, and better heat resistance than domestic raw materials.

Now it is very convenient to use in medicine, and the use of LED lens as the light source to develop high-definition blue light, color light, near-infrared light, ultraviolet light, multi-color mixed light ultraviolet phototherapy instrument has obtained obvious clinical medical effects. Relevant institutions in European and American countries, Japan and other capitalist countries have released a variety of ultraviolet phototherapy machines and equipment using LED lens light sources, and China has also achieved many practical results in this range.

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