How does a convex lens work?

How does a convex lens work?
In today's ever-developing era, convex lenses have also begun to be widely used, integrated into every corner of our lives, and are inseparable from our lives.

The following editor shares the content about the working principle of convex lens, welcome to read!
How does a convex lens work?
How a convex lens works:

Convex lens is the basic optical element that constitutes the optical system of the microscope. The objective lens, eyepiece and condenser are all composed of single or multiple lenses. According to their different shapes, they can be divided into two categories: convex lenses, also called positive lenses, and concave lenses, also called negative lenses.

Convex lens: thick center, thin edge, there are three kinds of biconvex, planoconvex, concave and convex;

Concave lens: the center is thin, the edge is thick, there are three kinds of double concave, plano-concave, convex and concave.

When a beam of light parallel to the main beam passes through the convex lens and is compared to a point, this point is called the "focus", and the plane passing through the focus and perpendicular to the optical axis is called the "focal plane". There are two focal points. The focal point in the object space is called the "object-side focus", and the focal plane there is called the object-side focal plane. On the contrary, the focus in the image-side space is called the image-side focus, and the focal plane there Called the image square focal plane.

After the light passes through the concave lens, it forms an upright virtual image, while the convex lens side forms an inverted real image. The real image can be displayed on the screen, but the virtual image cannot.
How does a convex lens work?
Convex lenses can be widely used in security, automotive, digital cameras, lasers, optical instruments and other fields. With the continuous development of the market, convex lens technology is more and more widely used. Lenses are made according to the rules of refraction of light. A convex lens is an optical element made of transparent substances such as glass, crystal, etc. A convex lens is a kind of refractor whose refraction surface is two spheres or a sphere and a plane transparent body. Its image includes images and virtual images.

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