How to choose the optical lens of the flashlight?

How to choose the optical lens of the flashlight?
There are two types of optical lenses for flashlights, one is a concave lens, the other is a convex lens, and some use both. Most of the old-fashioned yellow light is a concave mirror, which is characterized by the flat glass of this flashlight when viewed from the front.

Most the LED flashlights are convex lens, the characteristic is that the glass is a magnifying glass when viewed from the front, and it is not flat, and many of them can rotate the head of the flashlight to adjust the focus.
How to choose the optical lens of the flashlight?
There are many types of flashlights according to different use environments, so different types of flashlights need to be equipped with different LED lenses. How does the manufacturer configure the LED lens for the flashlight? The following analysis is from several points.

Because different brands of high-power LEDs have different optical characteristics and light distribution curves, the same flashlight lens assigned to different brands of LEDs will have different effects, such as: focusing angle, spot effect, and other differences. It is necessary to determine different LEDs and
How to match the LED lens. The specific prerequisites are: whether to use a single lens one-to-one or a multi-lens module; the distance to be illuminated is different from the planning and the corresponding condensing angle is determined; the diameter or height of the flashlight lens is determined according to the different specifications of the flashlight; According to different brands of an LED light source to determine the corresponding flashlight lens.
How to choose the optical lens of the flashlight?
Generally, if you need a higher brightness flashlight under the same power (current), please choose an LED light source with a higher luminous flux value. Please use CREE and Lumileds for flashlight focusing with a smaller angle, because these two brands of LED phosphors use less material and are smaller, the area of ​​the point light source is small, and the use of small-angle focusing or small-angle focusing time is higher. ; And some domestic LED light sources are not suitable for 5-degree concentrating, because the area of ​​the point light source is large, such as 5 degrees, the utilization rate of light is less; this type of LED is suitable for 15-degree concentrating. Light.

In short, the concentrating effect of the flashlight has a great relationship with the use of high-power LED light sources of different brands. At the same time, the light intensity and range of the flashlight are also related to the power planning, the current size of the flashlight, LEDs with different LM values, and different parameter types. The choice of LED lens also has a great relationship. Some LED flashlights can also use a reflector to condense light; you can also use a reflector to connect with a lens (modular type) for condensing.

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