The use of cob lens and what aspects should be considered in selection?

The use of cob lens and what aspects should be considered in selection?
COB lens is a LED light source with COB packaging technology, referred to as COB light source, COB lens is a lens configured according to COB light source, and the light source is processed twice!

The following editor will share with you about the use of cob lenses and what aspects to consider when choosing? content, welcome to read!

The use of cob lens:

Because it used to be a traditional lamp, the COB light source uses a reflector. For example, metal halide lamps are made from reflectors. Therefore, colleagues in the industry made some small changes on the basis of the original lamp, applied it to the COB light source, and at the same time adopted the reflector, which may be closer to the lighting of the traditional light source, so it is more in line with the user's usage customs. Therefore, at that time, most enterprises Reflectors are used.
The use of cob lens and what aspects should be considered in selection?
Today, a small COB light source can reach 50W or less. At the same time, we can make a separate COB lens, which may be a very small angle. If a reflector is used, due to the construction size range of the reflector, using a small angle will cause the volume of all lamps to deviate from New Year's Eve. At present, the method of using lenses for COB light sources is being vigorously promoted, because lenses not only have disadvantages in improving the overall layout of lamps, but also the luminous effect may achieve the goal of killing two birds with one stone.

Nowadays, with the application of COB light source in the accessories market, the number of reflectors is gradually reduced, while the lens occupies the mainstream. After the continuous consumption of COB lenses, the pairing of COB light sources will be dominated by lenses, and the reflectors will gradually withdraw from the market! COB light source lens is for sure. In addition, lens products will have more disadvantages in import certification and safety specification testing, and reflectors cannot get there.

What aspects should be considered when choosing a COB lens?

1. Spot selection of COB street lamp lens

The spots are divided into circular spots, oval spots and rectangular spots. Circular spots have lower lighting requirements and lighting ranges and are used for community road lighting. The elliptical spot can use unevenly distributed light and light that exceeds the road, has a strong light-gathering ability, and is generally used for non-motor vehicles and motor vehicle roads. The rectangular spot has a strong ability to condense light, and the light is evenly irradiated on the road after concentrating, so that the light can be applied to a large extent.
The use of cob lens and what aspects should be considered in selection?
2. Viewpoint standard of COB street lamp lens

The optical requirements required by different roads also vary. For example, in highways, main roads, main roads, branch roads, courtyard communities, etc., the height of street lights should consider different viewpoint standards. Choose a suitable viewpoint to meet the light needs of past crowds.

3. Data of COB street lamp lens

Common street lamp lens data include glass lens and silicone lens. Because silica gel has good high temperature resistance, it is often used in the packaging of LED light-emitting devices; glass has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and high penetration, and the optical parameters can be selected by oneself, but its high quality and fragility also limit its application range. New Data PC lens and PMMA lens are optical plastic data, which can be formed by plastic, extruded products, with high productivity and low data cost, showing significant advantages once applied in the market. If you want to choose an affordable street light lens, you can choose PC lens and PMMA lens.

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