What are the advantages of magnetic track lights in mainless lights?

What are the advantages of magnetic track lights in mainless lights?
Among today's mainless light designs, magnetic track lights have become the mainstream lights today because of their flexibility, fashion and futuristic design. Form a variety of expression styles in the form of line expression, bring beauty to the overall space design, get rid of the traditional decorative lamps and downlight lighting design methods, and fully demonstrate the charm of the mainless lamp design.

But there are also many people who have only heard of this name and have not experienced its hidden charm. Today, the editor will take you to understand the magnetic track light.

What are the advantages of magnetic track lights in mainless lights?
No main light - magnetic track light

1. What is a magnetic track light? Magnetic track lights, as the name suggests, add a magnetic connection structure to traditional track lights. As far as the advantages of track lights are concerned, the installation and removal of lighting components is more convenient and flexible, and it is convenient for daily maintenance and maintenance. At the same time, since the track is a low-voltage power supply, the lamp body can be removed from the driver, making the track and lamp smaller and more delicate. If the power allows, the lamps can be spliced ​​according to needs and uses, which is more convenient and faster, forming a unique sense of design.

2. The composition of the magnetic track light The magnetic track light is composed of a magnetic track and a magnetic light: the type and length of the magnetic track can be freely selected, generally including embedded magnetic track, surface mounted magnetic track and hoisted magnetic track. The embedded shape is simple and the overall lines are more refined, but the installation is difficult and needs to be pre-buried through the ceiling; the surface installation and hoisting are not embedded, and can be realized without the ceiling.
What are the advantages of magnetic track lights in mainless lights?
3. The advantages of magnetic track lights are extraordinary beauty:

Magnetic track lights have simple aesthetics, flexible and changeable lines, and are full of new ideas; they have strong plasticity in various styles of shapes and designs, enhance the sense of space hierarchy, and are very suitable for today's popular minimalist style designs. Portable installation:

Whether during or after installation, you can freely increase or decrease the number of lamps and assemble different lamps, which greatly saves assembly time and facilitates future maintenance. Flexible collocation:

On the magnetic track, the light source can move freely, and the lamps can be arranged freely according to the space needs. In addition, many magnetic light sources have adjustable angles, including magnetic spotlights, magnetic grid boxes, etc., which increase the freedom of lighting design and meet the lighting needs of different spaces.

What are the advantages of magnetic track lights in mainless lights?
Magnetic track light - installation method

The installation of magnetic track lights is more complex and requires intervention in the early stages of the mainless lighting design. Therefore, if the owner wants to adopt a lighting design scheme without main lights, and wants to use magnetic track lights to execute the scheme, he must prepare in advance.

Step 1: The difference between the magnetic track light and other lights is that it consists of two parts: the lighting light and the magnetic track. Therefore, before installing the magnetic track light, the first thing to do is to install the magnetic track on the early ceiling. When suspending the ceiling, the installation scope and size should be planned, and the magnetic lamp track slot should be reserved in advance to avoid unnecessary losses.

Step 2: The track light trough not only maintains the original integrity of the ceiling, but also adds the authentic texture of the decorative surface, beloved for its concealment. Reserve the corresponding size, and then buy according to the size.

Step 3: The first is to confirm the opening position and size of the ceiling, select the corresponding lamps and accessories, and then reserve the drive line and the embedded magnetic attraction track according to the corresponding size of the opening. Then take out the rear end cover, put in the corresponding accessories to connect the two ends, fix the accessories of the rear end and side connection, if there is a corner, connect the corner connection. After that, connect the power interface and install the corresponding fixing screws. It should be noted that the magnetic track is different from the ordinary track and must be equipped with a special transformer for the magnetic track light.

Step 4: Debug the effect. If the whole is dominated by magnetic track lights, simple geometric lines are used to outline different patterns, and the lights form a contrast, giving people an elegant and fashionable impression. Then repeat debugging the lights until a satisfactory effect is achieved.

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