What are the benefits of upgrading LED bifocal lens lights?

What are the benefits of upgrading LED bifocal lens lights?
There are several lamp modification solutions on the market now, including xenon lamp lens or LED bifocal lens and higher-end laser headlight lens, but the most popular one is that LED headlight lens is slightly better. Next, lens manufacturers will take you to see what are the benefits of upgrading LED bifocal lens lights? content, welcome to read!

Now many riders have the idea of ​​upgrading headlights, especially halogen lights riders, it is particularly urgent, many riders want to ask, why do I need to add a lens to upgrade xenon lights and led headlights, in fact, the general The car lamp modification shop will recommend LED lens or xenon lamp lens to everyone.
What are the benefits of upgrading LED bifocal lens lights?
What are the benefits of upgrading LED bifocal lens lights? :

1. Spotlight

One of the main reasons for adding a lens is to focus the light. If you pay attention, you will find that there is only one bulb in the headlight without a lens, and the lighting effect of the headlight will be very scattered and dazzling.

2. Increase brightness

The brightness of the LED bifocal lens is undeniable, its brightness is 3 times that of the xenon lamp lens, and the scene restoration degree at night is close to 100%, making it safer to drive at night.

3. Good lighting effect

The brightness of the headlights equipped with lenses is more uniform and the traditional force is stronger. It is the first time that our vehicles can receive the light information, especially the high beam realization effect is better, which avoids the occurrence of safety accidents.

4. Long service life

Compared with the long service life of xenon lamps, it is common sense that the life of LED lights can reach 5-10 years. Of course, there is no absolute value, because the owner's usage habits and uncertain factors such as the environment also affect the life of LED lights. There is a certain impact.
Advantages of led bifocal lens: high matching degree of loading, high light utilization rate, far and near partition, fast start-up speed, and no light decay.
What are the benefits of upgrading LED bifocal lens lights?
The LED bifocal lens is composed of LED lamp beads, cooling fans, lenses, etc. It is an integrated design without external drive. Compared with the original car halogen lamp, the LED bi-optic lens has lower power and longer service life. The power of the original car halogen lamp is generally around 55W-60W, while the LED power is mostly around 35W-45W, which matches the original car power. The service life of the lens is 10 times that of the xenon lamp, reaching 30,000 hours, and the service life is long.

Whether you are upgrading LED bifocal lenses or other headlights, you must choose according to your own lighting requirements and usage scenarios, upgrade headlights scientifically and rationally, and friends who have changed the lights should also remember to use lights in a civilized manner and not abuse high beams lamp.

Thank you for reading, the above is an introduction to the benefits of upgrading LED bifocal lens lights. Xiangshun Optics (www.ledlensxs.com) has a special optical design department, and has independently developed and designed a variety of lenses, including LED street light lenses, magnetic line light lenses, Ultra-thin Anti-glare lens, spotlight lenses, etc. Imported raw materials meet environmental protection requirements and meet the needs of offices, enterprises, roads, factories, homes and other occasions. If you want to know more details about lens manufacturers, please contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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