What are the characteristics and existence value of the floodlight lens?

What are the characteristics and existence value of the floodlight lens?
In daily life and industrial production, lamps and lanterns, as a common lighting tool, are equipment that people often use in daily life. In particular, the reliable flood light lens is well known and used by more people because of its obvious characteristics and significant effect. Then, let me introduce the characteristics and existence value of the flood light lens to you. Welcome to read !

The three main characteristics of flood light lens

1. High precision

The floodlight lens is produced through high-precision and aspherical optical design, using imported optical-grade raw materials, and the temperature resistance range is very high. Due to the strict production process and strict product control, the product meets the ROHS environmental protection requirements, so its accuracy is very high.

2. High transmittance

As we all know, the floodlight lens is made of a single small lens, and it is a secondary lens, with very good polishing technology, professional and aspherical mirror polishing, so that the surface, the spot is uniform, and the light transmittance is good. , can penetrate most of the light, so among the many floodlight lenses, the value-for-money floodlight lens is a commonly used lens style.

3. Can match a variety of high-power LEDs

Another important feature of the spotlight lens is that it has a high degree of matching, which can match a variety of high-power LED floodlights with different functions. No astigmatism, no shadows, no black spots.

4. Good adaptability

Whether it is used indoors or outdoors, the LED flood light lens can achieve the expected effect. Even when the outdoor environment is relatively harsh, it can better withstand high temperature and low temperature, and has excellent anti-yellowing performance. Therefore, its use temperature is almost unlimited.

Simply put, the floodlight lens has the obvious features of high precision, high light transmittance, good permeability and many matching functions. It is precisely because of these obvious features that the floodlight lens with good quality and low price has more There are many applicable scenarios, so that it can play its unexpected and powerful role in more fields.
What are the characteristics and existence value of the floodlight lens?
The existence value of floodlight lens

1. The role of night lighting

Lighting is the basic function of the invention and application of light, lighting up the night and providing us with convenience. The professional flood light lens has professional surface design and environmentally friendly materials, which can be adjusted to the appropriate light while lighting up the night. Whether it is brightness or angle, it can play a role in lighting us at night.

2. Scene decoration effect

According to the color and light angle of different light, it has become a very important decoration in our life. It can be used as decoration in special scenes to create the desired scene through light. Moreover, the thickness of light and the angle of light projection of the floodlight lens are carefully prepared and designed, so the floodlight lens can better play a decorative effect in dark night scenes.
What are the characteristics and existence value of the floodlight lens?
Third, the stage atmosphere

Light can affect the way and effect of people's viewing of a specific thing. Under light of different colors and intensities, the same thing may reflect different rays of light according to the refraction of light. And in performative scenes such as the stage, the use of lighting can render the atmosphere and drive the change of the overall atmosphere. In addition, it can also be fully utilized according to the needs of the plot.

That's all for today. Thank you for your patience in reading.

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