What are the characteristics of the LED lens of the street light?

What are the characteristics of the LED lens of the street light?
The led lens is closely connected with the led, which can improve the use efficiency and luminous efficiency of light, and can be used according to different effects. Specifications are penetrating and refracting. Let's take a look at the characteristics of the LED lens of the flood light.

High precision. The LED lens of the street lamp adopts high-precision, aspherical optical design, and is produced with imported optical-grade raw materials, with a high temperature resistance range. Due to the strict production process and strict product control, the products meet the ROHS environmental protection requirements, so the precision is very high.

High light transmittance; as we all know, the street lamp led lens is made of a single small lens, which belongs to the secondary lens. It has very good polishing technology, professional aspheric mirror polishing, so that the surface spot is uniform, the light transmittance is good, and it can penetrate most of the light. Therefore, among the many floodlight lenses, the LED lens of the floodlight with value for money is the more common lens style.
What are the characteristics of the LED lens of the street light?
Can be matched with a variety of high-power LEDs. Another important feature of the street lamp lens is the high degree of matching, which can match various high-power LED street lamps with different functions. No matter what kind of matching, what kind of style, what kind of power led street lights have no astigmatism, no shadows, no black spots.

Good adaptability. Whether you use LED lenses indoors or outdoors, you can achieve the desired effect. Even if the outdoor environment is harsh, it has better high and low temperature resistance and excellent anti-yellowing performance, so there is almost no limit to the operating temperature.

So today's explanation is here first. The above is the whole content of today. I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the characteristics of the LED lens of street lamps. Thank you very much for your patient reading. If you want to know more about LED street light lens, you can contact us.

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