What are the current status and advantages of LED street lights?

What are the current status and advantages of LED street lights
Let's talk about the current situation of LED street lights

LED street lights have a large share of the entire lighting market, and the power consumption is also large (accounting for more than 30% of the entire lighting power consumption). The energy-saving characteristics of LED lighting are an important basis for LED lighting to be used as street lights, and it is a symbol of energy-saving LED lighting. application.

Many governments have vigorously promoted LED street lights many years ago. In just a few years, cities and districts around the world have successively implemented projects of new road LED street lights and replacement of existing street lights with energy-saving renovation projects. Under the guidance of the policy, LED street lights Manufacturers are competing for the huge profit market. The competition among LED street lamp manufacturers is fierce, and the price of high products has dropped rapidly. With the gradual improvement of the industrial chain, the LED street lamp has entered a stage of benign development.
What are the current status and advantages of LED street lights

Let's talk about the advantages of LED street lights

Advantage one

High light utilization rate. LED street light adopts eccentric street light lens, anti-glare design, light transmittance > 93%, bat-shaped light spot, larger illumination area, effectively reducing the dark area of ​​the road, scientific light-emitting angle: 130°/140°, wide projection area, low light pollution , pure optical glass lens, heat-resistant and anti-aging, effectively improve the transmittance of street light and increase the utilization rate of light energy. Take the current mass production average as an example: sodium light efficiency 130-140lm/W, LED street light efficiency 90- 100lm/W, and the LED street lamp is extremely easy to oxidize in high temperature environment, and the loss rate is higher. From the utilization rate of light source alone, LED street lamps have an advantage; and LED street lamps are more effective and easier to control than sodium lamps, which can effectively improve the utilization rate of lamps to a certain extent.
What are the current status and advantages of LED street lights
Advantage two

Low energy consumption and longer life than sodium lamps of the same power. The electronic ballasts used with sodium lamps have higher power consumption, accounting for about 8%-30% of the total power consumption of the lamps, while the power consumption of the driving power supply for LED street lamps basically accounts for Within 10% of the total power consumption, coupled with the advantages of light utilization, LED street lamps have lower energy consumption for lighting with the same effect; in terms of lifespan: the lifespan of LED light sources in the laboratory is as high as 50,000 hours, while the corresponding lifespan of sodium lamps is generally within 30,000 hours. In practice, many factors such as the heat dissipation of the packaged lamps should also be considered. The high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy die-casting of the LED street lamp shell, the integrated heat dissipation design of the upper and lower fins in the structure, the heat dissipation efficiency is higher, and the grid-shaped outer shell is more efficient. It is conducive to air convection heat dissipation, reducing light decay and improving the service life of lamps.

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