What are the key points to consider in the design of the floodlight lens?

What are the key points to consider in the design of the floodlight lens?

A lens is an optical element made of transparent material with a surface that is part of a sphere. The lens consists of several lenses, generally plastic lenses and glass lenses. So what should be considered when designing a floodlight lens?
What are the key points to consider in the design of the floodlight lens
1. Features that give appearance variability. Considering that the floodlight lens has a certain decorative function, we should focus on the variability of appearance in the design, and design different styles such as round and square according to the general needs of consumers in the market. In addition, we should accept customers' customized needs and design uncommon appearances according to customers' requirements.

2. Pay attention to improving the heat dissipation efficiency of the floodlight lens; the key content of the lighting lens design includes the improvement of the heat dissipation efficiency. Because illumination is the key purpose of an illuminated lens, excess heat is naturally dissipated during operation. In order to avoid excessive heat accumulation, it is necessary to specially design the part for heat dissipation, maintain a complementary relationship with the operation of the flood light, and dissipate heat in time.

3. Ensure the diversification of lighting dynamic effects; the focus of lighting lens design also includes the presentation of diverse dynamic effects. The light emitted by the projection lamp cannot be single, but can achieve different effects such as gradient, color flashing, and alternate switching at the same time to meet customer needs. The light after it is turned on is highly variable and can continuously attract the attention of consumers.

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