What are the main advantages and purchasing skills of COB?

What are the main advantages and purchasing skills of COB?
The selection of the light source is to distinguish the measured object from the background as clearly as possible to obtain high-quality, high-contrast images. The correct choice of light source directly affects the success or failure of the system, processing accuracy and speed.

Today, the editor will take you to understand the main advantages and purchasing skills of COB. Welcome to read!
What are the main advantages and purchasing skills of COB?
The main advantages of COB:

1. Energy saving: LED lamps of the same power consume only 10% of the electricity of incandescent lamps, which is more energy efficient than fluorescent lamps.

2. Long life: LED lamp beads can work for 50,000 hours, which is longer than fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps.

3. Dimmable: The previous dimmer was for incandescent lamps, and the incandescent dimming timeline was red; it was difficult to see fluorescent lamps.

4. Light devices, this is the main reason why dimming technology has not developed for many years; LEDs can be dimmed, and both bright and dark light are the same color (basically no color change), which is obviously better than incandescent lamps.

5. Can be switched frequently: the usage time of LED is calculated by lighting, even if it is switched on and off thousands of times per second, it will not affect the life of the LED. In the occasions that need to be frequently turned on and off, such as decoration, LED lights have absolute advantages.

6. Rich colors: there are positive white light, warm white light, red, green, blue and other colors, whether it is the small lantern next to the headlight in the living room or the neon light, it is very bright.

7. Low calorific value: Like spotlights, many 220V spotlights break down within a few days because of heat.
What are the main advantages and purchasing skills of COB?
COB LED spotlight purchase tips:

1. LED brightness (MCD) is different, the price is different. The LEDs used in LED lamps must meet the first-class laser grade standards.

2. LEDs with strong anti-static ability have a long service life, so they are expensive. Generally, anti-static LEDs can be used in LED lamps above 700V.

3. LEDs with the same wavelength have the same color. If the same color is required, the price will be high. It is difficult for manufacturers that do not produce LED spectrophotometers to produce products with pure colors.

4. Leakage current LED is a unidirectional conductive light-emitting body. If there is a reverse current, it is called leakage current and leakage current LED, which has a short life and low price.

5. LEDs with different lighting angles have different lighting angles. Unique lighting angle, expensive. If the angle is fully scattered, the price is higher.

6. The key to different quality of life is life, which is determined by light decay. Low light decay, long life and high price.

7. The light-emitting body of the chip LED is a chip. Different chips have different prices.

8. The size of the chip is represented by the side length, and the quality of the large chip LED is better than that of the small chip LED. The price is proportional to the size of the chip.

9. Colloid The colloid of ordinary LED is generally epoxy resin. The price of LED with anti-ultraviolet and fire retardant is more expensive. High-quality outdoor LED lighting should be anti-ultraviolet and fireproof. In terms of reliability design, LED lighting includes: electrical safety, fire safety, applicable environmental safety, mechanical safety, health safety, use environment safety, health safety, use safety, use safety, use safety, use safety, use safety and other factors. In terms of electrical safety, relevant international standards should be met.

Thank you for reading. The above is an introduction to the main advantages and purchasing skills of COB. If you want to know more details about COB lens, please call for details and serve you wholeheartedly.

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