What are the significant effects of LED lenses?

What are the significant effects of LED lenses?
LED lenses are all manufactured with advanced injection molding technology, and the surface of the lens is easily damaged. If the optical lens is used for a long time, it needs to be cleaned regularly. Cleaning and maintenance of the optical lens can prolong the service life of the lens. Today, the editor wants to introduce to you the content about the significant effect of the lens, welcome to read!
What are the significant effects of LED lenses?
What are the significant effects of the lens?

1. Because the lens has a strong light-gathering ability, it is used to illuminate the road, not only the road is bright, but also clear.

2. Due to the small light dispersion, the light range is farther and clearer than ordinary halogen lamps. So you can see what's in the distance the first time and avoid crossing intersections or missing targets.

3. Compared with the traditional lamp head, the headlight of the lens lamp head has uniform brightness and strong penetrating power, whether it is rainy or foggy, it has a strong penetrating power. Therefore, oncoming vehicles can receive lighting information at the first time, avoiding accidents.

4. The lifespan of the HID bulb in the lens is 8 to 10 times longer than that of the ordinary bulb, reducing the unnecessary trouble that you always change the lamp.
What are the significant effects of LED lenses?
5. The lens xenon lamp does not need to install any power supply system, because the real HID gas discharge lamp needs a voltage stabilizer and 12V voltage, and then the voltage is converted into a normal voltage, and the xenon lamp is stably and continuously supplied to emit light. So as to play a role in saving electricity.

6. As mentioned in the fifth point, since the lens bulb is boosted from the stabilizer to 23000V, the xenon gas is stimulated to achieve high brightness immediately when the power is turned on, so it can still maintain the brightness for 3-4 seconds when the power is off. This allows you to prepare for emergency stops in advance and avoid disaster. This is not possible with traditional halogen lamps.
What are the significant effects of LED lenses?
Thank you for reading. What are the significant effects of the above on the led lens? If you want to know more details about the lens, please contact us and serve you wholeheartedly.

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