What is a floodlight? What are the classifications of floodlights?

What is a floodlight? What are the classifications of floodlights?

What is a floodlight? What are the classifications of floodlights?

What is a floodlight? A spotlight is light that is condensed using a condenser lens or a reflector. The point light type of the reflector lamp is relatively simple, with strong illumination, narrow illumination, and easy to focus on a specific location in the scene. It is the most used lamp in studios and studios.
What is a floodlight? What are the classifications of floodlights ?
The difference between LED flood light and flood light is that LED spot light uses LED lamp beads instead of traditional light bulbs. The service life of LED lamp beads is longer than that of traditional light bulbs, and the functions are the same. function as a concentrator.
What is a floodlight? What are the classifications of floodlights?
What are the categories?

1. Flood light - The spotlight used on the stage refers to the use of a plano-convex condenser in front of the lamp. This kind of lamp can adjust the spot size, the music beam is concentrated, the diffused light next to it is relatively small, and the power is high. There are many kinds of 0.5W to 5KW, and the focal length is divided into long, medium and short. The distance of sight distance can be selected according to the needs. 2. Ribbed Lights - or Soft Lights, but in the TV world they are called Spotlights. On the stage, in order to distinguish the above-mentioned plano-convex spotlights from being scattered and soft, the diffused area is large. Sometimes in order to control the diffused light, a title page is added in front of the mirror to block it. The music lamp has the feeling of obvious spot, the shooting distance is relatively short, and the power is 1KW, 2KW and so on.
2. Back light - there is no lens in front of this kind of light, the light is completely emitted by the larger reflector at the back, and the same 2KW bulb is used, its brightness is brighter than that of the spotlight, so it is necessary to show strong light source and brightness on the stage. use. Its effect is better than other lamps. It is characterized by a strong beam, but when dimming, pay attention to its focus point. It is not suitable to adjust the focus point on the colored paper or the curtain, which is easy to cause burning. , In order to avoid black hearts, a ring-shaped baffle is added to the center of the front end of the lamp, and the emitted light spot is large and not easy to be gathered. Now a new type of coating is made on the reflector bowl to transmit the outer rays backwards to reduce the temperature in front of the lamp. The effect is very good. The name is cold light super spotlight.
3. Imaging lights - or forming lights, ellipsoid spotlights. There are various beam angles, which can be selected and applied according to the needs. The main feature is that the light spot can be cut into various shapes such as square, diamond, triangle, etc., or projected various patterns and patterns. The power also has 1KW, 2KW, etc. Optional configuration. ,
4. Downlight - its structure is that the mirror bulb is installed in the cylinder, and the bromine tungsten bulb is also used in the reflective bowl.
5. Sky row lights - high-power astigmatism lights, used to illuminate the sky from top to bottom, require bright and balanced light, and a large irradiation area.
6. Floor lights - high-power astigmatism lights, used to place on the stage, the lower part of the canopy is illuminated upwards, connected to the light irradiated by the sky lights, and the top and bottom are uniform.
7. Astigmatism strip light - long strip, divided into multiple grids, generally can be divided into three or four colors, the power of incandescent light bulbs for each grid is about 200W, and various colors are required to be evenly connected to each other for large-area irradiation curtains or pictures. , It can also be used as a large-area balanced light shop, and various color lights can also be used at the same time to call out different color beams.
8. General astigmatism lights - such as iodine tungsten lamps and ordinary floodlights, are mainly used to illuminate an area evenly, or for some sets.
What is a floodlight? What are the classifications of floodlights?
How is the light of the spotlight achieved?

1. Chasing light: the so-called chasing light, this light source is a specific light used to track performers and highlight the characters on the stage. This kind of light is the finishing touch of the stage.
2. Light emission from the sky and the ground: This kind of light is mainly used for color transformation or lighting between the canopies, that is, a type of light source that is thrown into the canopy from the top and bottom of the canopy.
3. Bridge light: The lighting is mainly used to assist the column light. It is the light that is projected to the stage before filling the stage.
4. Top light: This light source is a kind of ordinary stage lighting, which can enhance the stage illumination and can be illuminated at a fixed point.
5. Flowing light: This light is used to assist bridge light preparation, to supplement other specific light on both sides of the stage and to supplement the light on both sides.
6. Foot light: It is mainly used to assist surface lighting, and it has the effect of eliminating shadows.
7. Backlight: It is a kind of light projected from the opposite direction of the stage, which can enhance the effect of transparency and three-dimensional effect.
8. Column light: It is a kind of light projected from both sides of the stage, which can enhance the outline of things.

What is a floodlight ?What are the classifications of floodlights ?

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