What is a wall washer?

What is a wall washer?
We often hear people talk about wall washers. So what are wall washers used for? Where is it suitable for use? Today I'm going to tell you about this problem, and I hope it can help you.
What is a wall washer?
①What is a wall washer

1. As the name implies, because it shines on the wall, it can make the wall look as new and beautiful as it has just been washed; it is actually a kind of LED lamp, which achieves the effect through the optical lens of the wall washer, and has all the functions of the LED lamp; The wall lamp is energy-saving, coexisting with light effects, and it is rich in color and very durable.

2. The light transmittance of the wall washer is very high, and the light transmittance is about 98%, and it is not easy to atomize, and it can also resist certain radiation. The protection level is also relatively high, and it has a relatively high waterproofing agent. There will not be any failures under long-term use. Even if it is used for a long time, it will not affect his waterproof.
What is a wall washer?
②Where is the wall washer suitable for?

1. Its power is not the same. The high-power can illuminate the distance of about 1~10 meters, which is very suitable for commercial places, bridge buildings, and wall buildings in some quantitative projects in the government. This kind of light can be used in the buildings above the well building, because the color of this kind of light is also very rich, it can be divided into red, yellow, blue, green, purple and white, etc., these lights can be customized according to our own A requirement is constantly changing, and the light of these colors also has a color-changing effect.

2. It is used in a wide range. We can see that the red, orange, yellow and green on the streets of the city are indispensable to the help that the wall washer brings us.
What is a wall washer?
The above is the relevant content and information I brought to you about what is a wall washer, I hope it can help you.

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