What is the cleaning process before acrylic optical lens coating?

What is the cleaning process before acrylic optical lens coating?

Pmma materials are widely used in optical lenses. At present, in addition to acrylic, there are silicone, PC, glass, crystal, etc. on the market. Among them, glass and crystal lenses have high light transmittance and high temperature resistance, but the production and processing technology is difficult and the market is small. In fact, acrylic and silicone are widely used. The light transmittance of acrylic optical lens reaches 93%, which can be molded at one time, with relatively low cost, which is convenient for mass production, and is widely used in LED and other industries.

Acrylic Optical Lens
What is the cleaning process before acrylic optical lens coating
The following is the pretreatment of acrylic lens coating. Optical lens pre-coating operations for other materials are generally similar. Acrylic optical lenses need to be treated with a vacuum plasma cleaning machine before coating. Without plasma treatment, it is easy to have problems such as film cracks or film layer peeling off, even after wiping. Plasma cleaning before lens coating is an integral part.

Plasma cleaning of Pmma material optical lenses is very simple and can handle basically any desired effect. It should be noted that acrylic is not resistant to high temperature and should not be processed with high-power power supplies. It can be handled well by using a few hundred watts of RF power supply, but it is easy to overdo it if the power supply is too high.

It is recommended to use a vacuum plasma cleaner to process this acrylic. The size of the cavity can be freely customized, and the process parameters can also be adjusted in various ways.

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