What is the difference between led lens and ordinary LED?

What is the difference between led lens and ordinary LED?
In life, many friends like to associate LED lenses with ordinary LEDs. In fact, many products are the product of the fusion of the two, such as LED optoelectronic equipment. Lenses can be divided into many types. The following will explain the differences and basic knowledge of led lens performance.

The most common lens in the lens is the plastic lens. The temperature coefficient of this product is very high, and it can be directly installed on the chip position of the LED product. The volume of the plastic lens is relatively smaller, about 3 to 10 microns.
What is the difference between led lens and ordinary LED?
Another thing that needs to be introduced is the PMMA lens in the led lens. This product is made of acrylic and has some properties of plexiglass products. For example, the production efficiency is very high, and the entire injection molding process can be completed in a short time. The product has a relatively high transparency. The light rate, even when the thickness is more than 3 mm, can reach a transmittance of more than 90%. The small disadvantage of this product is that the temperature of thermal deformation is not very high, and it should be used in non-high temperature environmental conditions.

Another LED lens that you need to understand is PC lens. This lens can also be called optical grade polycarbonate. The lens has good high temperature resistance and high production efficiency. The disadvantage is that it is more prone to breakage, and you need to choose the type of lens according to your own use environment.
What is the difference between led lens and ordinary LED?
LED lens quality inspection standard:

No bubbles, no dents, no sink marks, no flow lines, weld lines are within an acceptable range (does not affect packaging and use functions), warpage deformation. Dimensions are within a controllable range (does not affect assembly or overmolding), sunburn The product has lines and the surface is not shiny (does not affect the optical effect)

LED lens products are qualified products through injection molding, which also follow the five elements of injection molding: pressure, speed, time, temperature, position, and also follow some injection molding rules. However, optical lenses have stricter requirements than general injection molding products.

The above is all about the LED lens today, thank you for reading! If you want to know more about the lens, you can consult the online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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