What is the effect design of the optical lens?

What is the effect design of the optical lens?
With the increasing development and popularization of industrial civilization, people's requirements for high-precision products are also getting higher and higher. In the current market, with the rapid development of the lens industry, the optical effects required by different places and different customers are very different. brings challenges to it.

Therefore, how to design lenses with high light transmittance, high grade and low cost has also become one of the main fields of light distribution research in the current industry. Today, optical lens manufacturers will tell you about the effect design.
What is the effect design of the optical lens?
We all know that the replacement speed of lens products is amazing. Optical lenses are also developing rapidly. But on the whole, the market is concerned with the visual effect of lamps and the overall lighting effect, so the design needs to meet three requirements: first, the novelty of the lens shape; second, the light transmittance of the effective lens; third It is the coordination effect of the lens and the lamp. According to the above three requirements, the common lens designs on the market are as follows:

1. The sidewall of the lens is designed with a free-form surface, with a compound eye bead surface with a light-emitting angle of 250-600. It is generally made of PC material, which can be used for COB light source spotlights with a light-emitting surface diameter of 14mm, and the optical effective transmittance can reach 94%.
What is the effect design of the optical lens?
2. The lens adopts the outer straight scale shell, and the central compound eye on the light-emitting surface.

3. The lens adopts an external free-form surface, and has a compound eyeball design with a low-beam surface and a light-emitting surface.

The three lenses are generally made of PC material, which is resistant to high temperature. The light source can be a SMD light source or a COB light source. The light output angle is adjustable from 300 to 600 degrees, and the light output is uniform. The compound eyeball surface can be used on the outside to disperse the modular patch light source, so that the visual effect is COB-like and expands the selectivity of the light source.

Due to the different optical properties of TIR lenses, the size of the lens and the LEDs directly affect the optical performance, so there is no clear precondition, but when it comes to issues such as angle, light intensity, and efficiency, a good optical design must be compatible with the LEDs. A good optical effect can only be obtained if the light distribution is perfectly matched. There is no one-size-fits-all product for specialized optical design, and some are targeted to match optics and targeted applications.
What is the effect design of the optical lens?
In addition, due to the high-end market demand and the cost consideration of lighting manufacturers, a lens with a variety of light source designs is also the focus of lens designers.

It can be seen that the lens design of LED directional lighting lamps has gradually developed in the direction of beauty and common use. How to improve the effective transmittance, spot uniformity and compatibility of lamps and lanterns will become the mainstream of design.

The above is the content of the effect design of the optical lens today, thank you for your patience to read!

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