What is the function of street light lens?

What is the function of street light lens?
Lighting equipment has changed people's living conditions and brought great convenience to people's travel at night. Therefore, in order to improve the lighting effect of lighting equipment in the dark night, it is a more common method to install affordable street lamp lenses on the light source. , the following will introduce you to the role of the street lamp lens and where the street lamp lens is suitable for installation. Welcome to read!
What is the function of street light lens?
What is the function of street light lens?

1. The function of gathering the divergent light sources

The light bulb is the light source of the street light, that is, the source of illuminating the night, but from the characteristics of light, we know that the light emitted by any light source point is divergent, so we want the light emitted by the street light to gather together, It is necessary to install the street lamp lens, because the special material of the affordable street lamp lens can gather the light source, so that the street lamp looks brighter and the lighting effect is better.

2. The role of adjusting the range and angle of light exposure

If you want to control the illumination range and angle of the street light, you also need to install the corresponding street light lens for the street light, because the light transmission range of the street light lens can be changed according to its model, so you can adjust the illumination range of the street light after it is used. , The small hole of the street lamp lens can also change the angle of the street lamp light, so that the lighting area and angle of the street lamp can be controlled.

3. The effect of reducing glare

The purpose of placing street lights in empty people's living areas is to facilitate people's travel in the dark and increase the safety of travel. However, the direct lighting will directly cause people's visual obstacles and glare due to its excessive brightness in the dark. However, the light of the lamp using the street lamp lens will be softer, and even if the human eye looks directly, there will be no problem of visual glare.

Where are the suitable places to install street light lenses?
What is the function of street light lens?
1. On the road with heavy traffic

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the flow of people and vehicles across the country has increased, so even in crowded cities at night, there will still be many people and cars on the road, but people's sight in the dark is not good. It is easy to have various accidents, so it is more suitable to install the street light lens on the road with heavy traffic flow, because the light transmission of the street light lens is better, which can make the light softer and brighter.

2. Factory courtyard and workshop

As we all know, some enterprises will also install lighting equipment in the factory courtyard and workshop. In order to make the lighting effect of the factory courtyard and workshop better, it is necessary to install lighting lamps intensively, but this will increase the expenditure cost, so it should be installed here. Lighting equipment with street light lens, because the cost-effective street light lens can adjust the range and angle of light irradiation, so that a small amount of lights can be used to play a greater role.

3. Shopping malls and exhibition venues

Street lamp lenses should also be installed in shopping malls and commodity display places where people shop, because street lamp lenses have a certain concentrating effect, and their light transmittance is high and the illumination angle can be adjusted. In addition to the overall brightness of the interior, it can also make the products displayed in shopping malls and exhibitions more aesthetic, improve the value of the products, and stimulate people's desire to buy.

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