What is the polishing process for COB high-power lenses?

What is the polishing process for COB high-power lenses?
COB lenses are also often used in our lamps. The lamps are a glass or plastic component that can change the direction of light or control the distribution of light.

The following editor shares the polishing process of COB lens.

COB high power lenses must be measured by process optics to check for normalization of purity, transparency, uniformity, refractive index and dispersion rate. The folded glass block is heated and forged by the process to form the blank of the optical lens. After the COB high-power lens is finely ground by the process grinding liquid, there is another thin gap layer on the appearance. The key to eliminating this crevice layer is polishing.
What is the polishing process for COB high-power lenses?
After the COB high-power lens is finely ground by the grinding liquid, its appearance has another gap layer of about 2-3m. What eliminates this crevice layer is polishing. The mechanics of polishing and grinding are the same. Only the tools and materials used are the same as the polishing liquid. Flannel, polishing leather and polishing materials used for polishing should use precision polishing points. Commonly used material is lower grade polished asphalt.

The use of asphalt polishing is to mobilize the polishing liquid to grind the appearance of the lens through the fine appearance of asphalt, melt the glass, melt the rough vertices, fill the bottom of the gap, and gradually remove the gap layer. At present, the polishing powder used in polishing glass lenses is mainly titanium oxide (CEO2). In the lens polishing process, the proportion of the polishing liquid is different. Ordinary polishing and polishing molds use a lower concentration of polishing liquid. COB high-power lenses have a smooth appearance, and use a concentrated polishing liquid to prevent the dead orange peel mark (the appearance of the lens is fogged).

The moving mechanisms used in polishing and grinding are similar. In addition to the different liquids in the polishing tool, the premise required for polishing is also thinner than the grinding time. The following events should be paid attention to during ordinary polishing: The appearance of polishing asphalt cannot be mixed with polishing liquid and will not cause mirror spot scratches. C The appearance of the polishing asphalt should match the appearance of the high-power lens, otherwise the polishing will jump, so bite the polishing powder to scratch the appearance.
What is the polishing process for COB high-power lenses?
Before polishing, it is necessary to confirm whether the appearance of the COB high-power lens has scratches or punctures left after grinding. The size and material of the polishing tool are appropriate. Whether the hardness and thinness of the asphalt are suitable. Outside of the polishing process, we must always pay attention to the state of appearance and to check the accuracy. COB high-power lens appearance defect inspection, since the inspection process is distinguished according to personal vision and points, the inspector should have a deep understanding of the specifications of sand scraping and sand holes, and often compare the standard samples of sand scraping holes to ensure inspection. correctness.

Thank you for reading, the above is the introduction to the working principle and polishing process of COB lens. If you want to know more details about cob lens, please contact us and serve you wholeheartedly.

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