What is the production process of led lens?

What is the production process of led lens?

The led lens is closely connected with the led, which can improve the use efficiency and luminous efficiency of light, and can be used according to the effect. Specifications are transmission type, refraction type. What are the production processes of led lenses?​​

1. As an optical-grade product, led lenses have strict requirements on light transmittance, thermal stability, density, refractive index uniformity, refractive index stability, water absorption, turbidity, and long-term operating temperature. Therefore, the lens material must be selected according to the actual situation. Basically choose optical grade PMMA, if you have special needs, you can choose optical grade PC.
What is the production process of led lens?
2. There must be a dust-free workshop of class 10,000 and above, and operators must wear anti-static clothes, finger cots and masks, and conduct regular inspection and cleaning of the workshop.

3. A professional optical injection molding machine is required, and the injection molding process is strictly controlled to ensure product quality.

4. product inspection: no bubbles, no depressions, no sink marks, no flow lines, no crescents; shape accuracy Rt<0.005, Ra<0.0002.
What is the production process of led lens?
5. The packaging of the product must be made of anti-static and dust-proof PVC material, the packaging should be completely sealed, and the temperature and humidity should be strictly controlled during storage, and try not to store it for more than one year.

So today's explanation is here first. The above is the whole content of today. I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the production process of led lenses. Thank you very much for your patient reading.

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