What is the role and category of lens stage lighting?

What is the role and category of lens stage lighting?
Lighting is an important element in the composition of the stage environment. Stage lighting can not only create the stage atmosphere, but also play an important role in the style of the performance.

However, have you ever understood the role of lens stage lighting, and have you known the types of lens stage lighting? Today, the editor of the lens manufacturer wants to share with you the functions and categories of lens stage lighting. Welcome to read!
What is the role and category of lens stage lighting?
The role of lens stage lighting

In the design of stage lighting, it is required that the lighting design should have both a global overall concept and a local treatment. It should not be ups and downs, but also have to highlight the changes in the main areas one after another. The light source of stage lighting is white light, which is changed into colored light through a color filter inserted in front of the lamp. The color light projected on the costumes, sets, props and the makeup of the characters will cause color changes, which belong to subtractive color mixing.

The effect of light color on the color of objects (makeup, clothing, scenery, etc.), the rule is that when the light color shines on an object with the same hue, the color of the object will become more vivid and beautiful. When the light color shines on an object that is complementary to its hue, the color of the object will become dark, gray, or even black. If the hue of the light color and the object color are not exactly the same but relatively close, the color of the object will become brighter, and if the light color and the object color are complementary colors, the color of the object will also become dark.
What is the role and category of lens stage lighting?
Types of lens stage lighting

Lens stage lamps can be divided into three categories: floodlights, spotlights and slides according to the optical structure: according to the parts installed on the stage, they are further divided into surface light, slap light, foot light, column light, top row light, sky row light, and ground row light. and flowing light, etc.
What is the role and category of lens stage lighting?
(1) Floodlight system. It refers to a lighting fixture that can emit uniform and soft light and can illuminate a certain direction. Individual floodlights, row lights, footlights and curtain lights are generally used to illuminate canopies, painted sets or performance areas.

(2) Concentrating system. Refers to lamps that emit directional light and control the range of light zones. Generally, the principle of refraction is used to project different light spots through the lens. For example, a threaded diffuser lens can produce a soft-edged flare.

(3) Slide system. It refers to a lamp that casts light and images by adding a set of objective lenses in front of the spotlight. This kind of slideshow can be divided into: projection slideshow using slideshow imaging. Projection slides that cast cloud, water, fire and other moving images on the scene through the rotating disc chain belt. Once the color light is used in the stage performance, the actual brightness on the stage is bound to change. When shooting, the actual brightness of the stage lighting must be tested to ensure the correct exposure during shooting. Generally speaking, shooting under colored light requires 2 to 3 stops larger than that under white light. In addition, there are follow-spot lights that use long focal length objective lenses to make small spots clear and highlight the image of the protagonist, and back-lights that use reflective optical structures to achieve condensing effects.

Thank you for reading, the above is an introduction to the role and types of lens stage lighting.

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