What's so good about magnetic track line lights?

What's so good about magnetic track line lights?
Magnetic track lights, as the name implies, attach the lighting components to the track by means of magnetic suction. Under the condition of ensuring reliable power connection, it is more convenient and flexible to install and remove the lighting components, which is convenient for daily maintenance and maintenance.

Magnetic suction technology can attach the light assembly to the track. The lamps are easy to remove and fix. At the same time, since the track is powered by low voltage, the driver can be removed from the lamp body, so that the entire track and lamp can be made very small and delicate, which is very suitable for home use.


The principle of magnetic track light

Magnetic track lights are lights installed on a similar track, the lighting angle can be adjusted arbitrarily, and they are usually used as spotlights that require accent lighting. A traditional track light is generally composed of a track, a power supply box, and a lamp body. The power supply box and the track are slidably connected to facilitate position adjustment, and the lamp body and the power supply box pivot to adjust the lighting angle.
What's so good about magnetic track line lights?
Because the sliding connection structure between the power box and the track is too complicated, it is difficult to disassemble and maintain, and the cost is high, so a magnetic suction device is used.


Types of Magnetic Lamps

Magnetic light is a lighting system that can be freely combined according to needs. Generally, there are four types of floodlight module, grille template, spotlight module and chandelier module.
What's so good about magnetic track line lights?


Flood light module

The floodlight module is a basic lighting module that provides a minimalist extended visual experience. Combined with the grille module, it can also bring accent lighting.


grille module

The angle-adjustable grille spotlight, which can be adjusted at any angle, illuminates the decorations and creates an atmosphere, is also a good choice.
What's so good about magnetic track line lights?


Application of Magnetic Track Lights

Track lights are generally widely used in clothing stores, jewelry stores, exhibition halls, hotels, clubs and other public places that require decorative effects and accent lighting. However, due to their stylish appearance and strong sense of design, they are more and more popular among young people. Designers use it in home design lighting such as living room, bedroom, study and so on.

The magnetic combination can be selected according to the rich requirements of different components. It has the advantages of small size, convenient disassembly, flexible combination, and strong mobility. The system can meet the lighting of basic lighting, accent lighting, wall cleaning and other DIY methods at the same time. requirements, it is most suitable for designers to outline a sense of space atmosphere.

living room

The modern living room can be shaped with a modern minimalist atmosphere through magnetic track lights.
What's so good about magnetic track line lights?

Can create a bedroom environment suitable for sleep.
What's so good about magnetic track line lights?

Different combinations can meet the dining needs in different situations.
What's so good about magnetic track line lights?
The overall application features of magnetic track lights include:

After the track is pre-embedded, no complicated tools are required, and the lighting module is directly embedded to support the combination of various lighting modules. In home applications, self-priming lamps are simple and beautiful, especially flexible and convenient to install and adjust.

Magnetic track lights have easy-to-perceive technical elements that make space lighting design more minimalistic, luxurious, and create a unique atmosphere.

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