Which is better, LED projector or bulb projector?

Which is better, LED projector or bulb projector
What is the difference between an LED projector and a bulb projector? Which one should I choose for home use?

Bulb projector
Which is better, LED projector or bulb projector
The bulb projector is a traditional projector and has existed for decades. The brightness of the bulb light source is brighter than that of the LED light source, generally between 2500-5000 ANSI lumens. The service life of the bulb projector is about 3000 hours at the beginning. It has been improved for 10,000-20,000 hours. For friends who do not use it often, the bulb projector is undoubtedly the best choice.

In addition to high brightness, light bulb projectors also have better color reproduction, which is more suitable for watching movies, American TV series, etc. The disadvantage is that the service life is lower than that of LED light sources. relatively high.

LED projector:

Compared with the light bulb machine, the LED light source has a long service life and low heat generation. It has its own intelligent system. It does not need a box or other equipment. It can download various APPs and use it. It is very smart and can be used in the living room or bedroom. . However, the overall brightness is not as high as that of the light bulb machine. It is best to use the curtains when the ambient light is too bright. There is still a certain difference between the color reproduction and the traditional projector.
Which is better, LED projector or bulb projector
LED (Light-emitting Diode), also known as a light-emitting diode, has been used in display and lighting fields for a long time. Its main body is a piece of electroluminescent semiconductor material. When a forward voltage is applied to its two ends, the current will flow from the LED anode to the cathode, and the semiconductor crystal will emit light of different colors from ultraviolet to infrared. The stronger the current, the stronger the luminescence. . The light-emitting principle of LED is different from traditional UHE and UHP light bulbs. It does not generate a lot of heat during the light-emitting process, so the lifespan can reach more than 10,000 hours.

With the increasing popularity of projection equipment, in daily life, the market share of new LED projectors is increasing. The following is a brief introduction to some conceptual knowledge of the projector.

Because of its technical characteristics, low power consumption and low heat generation, LEDs are currently used in projectors and are mainly concentrated in the ranks of micro projectors.
Which is better, LED projector or bulb projector
Advantages of LED Projectors
① Long service life, energy saving and environmental protection. The LED light source decays slowly, only 5% in 10,000 hours. Under scientific and reasonable use, the lifespan can reach 50,000 hours. The power of the whole machine does not exceed 38 watts, which is quite energy-saving. It can save about 400-500 yuan in electricity bills in one year, and the power of the whole machine does not exceed 38 watts, which is quite energy-saving. It can save about 400-500 yuan in electricity bills within a year. Traditional projectors are generally above 200W or even higher. LED is called cold light source, the light does not contain infrared and ultraviolet rays, the picture is flicker-free, and the eyes are moisturizing and protecting the eyes. Moreover, the general projection lamp is a gas discharge lamp, which contains mercury that is harmful to the environment and the human body, while the LED light source does not contain mercury. And it has the characteristics of turning on and turning on, turning off and turning off the characteristics of ordinary electrical appliances, eliminating the annoying startup and shutdown waiting of ordinary projectors.

②Due to the longevity, low calorific value, and high reliability of LED projectors, the maintenance and after-sale costs of the whole machine are much lower than those of traditional projectors. It eliminates the need for the frequent regular maintenance, expensive repair parts, etc. of traditional projectors.

③Small, portable, feature-rich, and strong interoperability with portable digital devices; can be connected to computers, mobile phones, PDAs, and other portable digital devices; can also be inserted into SD cards, U disks, mobile hard drives and other mobile storage devices; support on the market Direct and smooth playback of the vast majority of multimedia files (including RMVB files), it is a powerful portable multimedia player and projection device.
Which is better, LED projector or bulb projector
④ Work and life are the same: we are our work assistants at work, doing business briefings and small meetings anytime and anywhere; after get off work, put them in your pocket and take them home, whether it is to connect to the set-top box to watch TV, or to watch DVDs, or to watch movies. Play games on PSP, Wii, X-BOX, these are no problem.

Summary: If you want to buy a projector for the living room, it is recommended to choose a light bulb with higher brightness, which performs better in terms of color and brightness. If it is used in the bedroom, it is recommended to buy an LED light source, which is small and portable, and also self-contained. With the system, no external box is required, and it is more intelligent.

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