Laser rangefinder lens industry application

Laser rangefinder lens industry application
Instrumentation refers to the instruments or equipment used to detect, measure, observe, and calculate various physical quantities, material components, physical parameters, etc., and is an important part of the manufacturing industry.
Laser rangefinder lens industry application
  At present, from the construction industry to the transportation industry to the geological industry, the support of instruments and meters is inseparable in the process of carrying out work. Among them, the long-range laser rangefinder is a very commonly used instrument and has a very wide range of applications. It has always been the focus of research by industry enterprises and practitioners. The principle is that the rangefinder emits laser light and reflects it to the target. The core of the rangefinder is to calculate the time for the laser to travel back and forth (one-way time × speed of light = distance).

Laser rangefinder lens industry application

  In recent years, many industries have put forward new requirements for the accuracy and distance of range. If the error cannot be controlled within a certain range, or the measured distance cannot meet the actual needs, the related work cannot be carried out smoothly, and it may even be possible. cause irreparable damage.

  Therefore, more and more technical R&D talents and enterprises are trying to apply modern technology to the long-distance laser rangefinder to improve its comprehensive performance and strive to meet the needs of all walks of life.

  Choosing a good laser rangefinder lens has broad development prospects

  The measurement range of the laser rangefinder lens is between several meters and several kilometers, and the user should choose flexibly according to the specific situation. For example, generally in indoor measurement work, the distance requirements are not high, but the accuracy requirements are very strict. At this time, a handheld laser rangefinder with a 635-nanometer laser is generally used; if the distance to be measured is relatively long, 905 is generally used. Nano telescope-type laser rangefinders, with a general measuring range of 5-3000 meters, are mostly used in outdoor surveying and mapping, electric power telecommunications, ports, golf, and hunting fields; if you want to measure farther targets, such as 3-20 km targets, then A laser rangefinder with another wavelength band is required, such as a long-distance rangefinder with 1064nm/1535nm/1550nm, which requires extremely high precision in the manufacture of various components, so the unit price is more expensive.

  At the same time, laser rangefinders have been widely used in the field of building measurement and automation, which requires high light. If there is light pollution in the measurement environment, it will affect the measurement accuracy.

  The rapid development of high and new technologies such as electronic technology, laser technology, and optical technology, provides an important foundation for the improvement of long-distance rangefinders. In particular, the emerging disciplines represented by laser applications are rising. The innovation of related concepts and the rich practical experience have provided an effective reference for the research work of long-distance laser ranging technology.
Laser rangefinder lens industry application

  All in all, laser rangefinders have very broad prospects for development. Practitioners should realize this, strengthen their emphasis on technical research, implement R&D plans, and use advanced technology to continuously improve the comprehensive performance of laser rangefinders to meet the needs of Various industries have put forward various requirements for measurement accuracy, ranging, and environmental adaptability, which improve their competitiveness and promote the further development of the instrumentation industry.

  Therefore, it is very important to choose a good laser rangefinder lens. When you choose Xiangshun Optical Lens Factory, we can choose the lens that suits you and propose solutions for your different needs.

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