Main application scenarios of flood light lens

Main application scenarios of flood light lens

There are various types of lamps, and the full functions and application scenarios of different lamps are different, and the same is true for the LED flood light lens.

For users who do not know much about the lens of the floodlight, the main application of the lens of the floodlight is not clear, so they do not realize its powerful role. To let users have a clearer understanding of its application scenarios, the following are briefly introduced:

led high bay lighting

1. Lighting for factory workshops or warehouses and tunnels and other buildings

From workshops, warehouses, tunnels, and other buildings, you can see the figure of floodlights to help out. The floodlights are being implemented, and their role in the plan is to illuminate. Because the natural light in these places is relatively dark, it is necessary to The lamps with good performance and very good lighting effect, and the excellent characteristics of the spotlight lens itself can aim at the direction to be illuminated and can illuminate a large area so that it can be mainly used in the lighting of such buildings.

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2. Lighting and decoration for exhibition halls or large gymnasiums and landscapes

The floodlight lens can be made into a variety of different types of floodlights with different shapes. These floodlights only have the function of lighting, and because of their beautiful appearance, they also have a certain decorative effect. In some large-scale sports venues and landscape areas, it is also a common choice to use high-quality and low-cost flood light lenses for places with the same view as proof and decoration.


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3. For intersection lighting or billboard production

In the streets and alleys, there are usually floodlight lenses in the lighting fixtures at various intersections. This is because the lighting fixtures at the intersections need to have a good ability to resist natural conditions, and the billboards are flickering or shining. The light will be applied to the LED floodlight lens.

It can be seen that the value-for-money floodlight lens has a very wide range of application scenarios, so it can play the dual role of lighting and decoration in many fields.

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