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Lens solutions for indoor and outdoor lighting are unique and challenging. You need a reliable and cost-effective supplier to work with to solve your problems.

One-stop lighting lens solution
Provide customized services
Experienced Optical Design
Produced with high-quality raw materials
Thoughtful after-sales service

Company profile

Xiangshun Optics has an experienced optical design and mold manufacturing R&D team, with ultra-precision mold manufacturing equipment and professional lens product injection molding equipment.

With more than 20 years of optical design and manufacturing history, can deal with all LED light source brands. Light distribution design.

To improve the service capabilities of diversified customized products, we have established a professional production workshop of 5,000 square meters and conducted directional production in strict accordance with ANSI standards.

china led optics lens manufacture

Quality Assurance

Our production implements a strict quality management system, and professional management provides guarantee for product quality.

china led optics lens manufacture

Detailed inspection

Experienced production management personnel strictly follow the requirements of the quality management system, and product quality is controlled layer by layer.

china led optics lens manufacture

Efficient production

Perfect quality service system, experienced engineers, provide project plans, put forward professional suggestions, and meet the higher needs of customers.


Xiangshun Optics Co.,Ltd

At present, it has carried out professional and unique optical light distribution design for well-known brands such as LED light source OSRAM, Philips, CREE, etc., and developed diversified and innovative optical lenses and reflectors, which meet the various conditions and requirements of customers on LED lighting lens products.

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